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The People

Our Founder

Founder Alyson Eastman has been passionate about wellness from childhood, growing up in a rural town in Washington State. She currently resides between NYC and Portland, OR where she also has an ethical leather fashion brand.
Alyson turned to CBD when she found herself highly stressed from entrepreneurial demands of having her own business. Not impressed with anything on the market, she met with local farmers and formulators in Oregon and Washington and decided to create a brand of her own, using only high-quality, organic ingredients. This is how Remedy Plant Lab was born.

Our Chemist

Nick is a graduate of the University of Washington, where he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and pursued a second degree in Material Science. Working and traveling internationally - particularly in developing countries, inspired Nick to start a company focused on resource recovery that would benefit both the environment and our society. He became involved in the hemp industry in 2014 after learning about the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp. With his proprietary resin extraction process, he has created numerous cannabinoid based formulas that help individuals with a wide range of issues. He is constantly working on processing improvements which will benefit resin quality and consistency. Nick believes that the world is only beginning to tap into the real potential of the hemp plant, and the many compounds it naturally produces.

Our Farms

Our Willamette Valley farmers combine traditional farming values with modern innovation to deliver products with integrity and value. They seek to lead and define the hemp industry as it grows and evolves, and to be the premier grower and producer of industrial hemp products.